Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Space Saving Engineering

As we've found, our apartments around Madrid are quite petite. Because of the small spaces, many locals in Madrid spend a lot of their time outside of their homes. This is perhaps why the parks and plazas around the city are so populated and comfortable to sit and spend a few hours in. Still, it is necessary for people who live in Madrid to save space within their apartments. The houses here are filled with space-efficient, functional things. For example, the desks in my apartment are attached to the wall, but you can push to the side the support and fold them so that they don't take any space at all. This is convenient because when you want to work, you open up the desk, and when you are done you can use the space for anything else you'd like. The kitchen is a closet and can be closed off to make the dining room look roomier. The tall ceilings give an added feel of larger spaces, and strategically placed mirrors do the same. All of these space savers seem to do little but when put together, they make a significant difference in making living the small spaces feel more comfortable. When it was built, the engineers and decorators put a lot of thought into making the housing feel larger. Though the locals in Madrid do spend a lot of time outside of their homes, these little things make it so that they can make the most out of the space they have and make their living space more comfortable.

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  1. I envy how your apartment reminds me of Kate Winslet's gorgeous little rural English cottage in The Holiday.